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Abstract Linear Background

Rustic Modernity


Dr. Lal Chaminda


Kandy, Sri Lanka


70 sqm (753 sqft)


Entrance Lobby | Living | Dining | Kitchen | Staircase

An interior design project for a recently completed house in dire need of refurbishment; the owners requested for a sense of rustic modernity with a hint of elegance housed within an achromatic backdrop accented with subtly colored elements on the foreground.


The interior is designed to create a sense of artful luxury shrouded within minimalistic modernity, with the aid of rattan and timber integrated furniture elements throughout the lobby, living and dining areas, facilitating a perception of unity within the entirety of the design. 


The pre-installed kitchen was aesthetically elevated with the use of custom designed timber shelving and an inbuilt concrete bench on the side for those profound discussions during cooking sessions.

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