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Our Story

Day one in university, I was asked to give a presentation on “who am I”

My colleagues said many stories.

 All I ever spoke was that I am sad, looking at the massive destruction that’s been happening in the world as we speak, how people are either obsessed with greed or too careless to notice, how they destroy the planet, endlessly consuming it’s resources, 

that ALSO belong to other living beings. 

But little did I know that I was standing before a path to learn a skill that would either contribute more to this destruction,

or to its reduction:


I was just a little girl who stood in front of the class, not knowing who I was.

Years of Architectural education taught me that the excessive use of natural materials by humans has led to climate change which is visible through the increased number of floods, rising temperature, rising sea level, increased droughts and even the extinction of some species, never to be seen on Earth again.

I also learnt that construction has a major impact on climate change.

As a person who always value empathy, I asked myself:

“How can I use these skills that I possess as an Architect to make a difference on this planet?”

If the construction can largely use and waste so much energy, and be responsible for climate change, then as an Architect who designs and leads the project, I am the first person who can contribute to minimize it. 

Because in the bigger scheme of things, the ONLY way forward for humans is to live in harmony with the Earth’s systems. It is only a matter of TIME until people fully understand it.


Our core values reflect on creating Architecture through efficient use of materials and energy to reduce our carbon foot print, so we may give the Earth time to regenerate and heal to become a healthy home for everyone!

But how can this help you NOW?

Do you know that environmentally friendly Architecture can make you healthier?


You could have living spaces with improved air quality and daylight with thermal comfort, spaces that connect you with nature to give you peace of mind, making you healthier and live longer.

This is how we originated Bhūmi Architecture Studio,

in an effort to reduce climate change through Architecture.

Think about it.

Nevertheless how small they may seem,

Your actions matter a lot.

Because the combination of small actions create a greater impact.

Where will YOUR contribution go, ultimately? 

Towards destroying the planet?

Or towards healing it?

The choice is yours to make.

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