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About Us

We work with people who seek to get their homes designed prioritizing their physical & mental well-being. If you are ready to take the first step to owning a home that makes you healthier and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve, we are here to design it for you and help you every single step of the way of making your dream come true!

Our Design Approach

The Earth is where we come from and it is our only home. As Architects we hold a great responsibility in keeping our home planet habitable for many years to come. The only way is to live in harmony with nature, leaving behind your footprints as small as possible.
Our Architecture is sensitive to the environment they stand. The orientation, the sun path, wind pattern, the neighboring buildings and the landscape, the traffic movement and the larger context matter to us when we create a “place” for your utmost satisfaction. The core idea of a building is protection from outside forces. Thus a building should embrace the climate it stands by responding to it, rather than reject it. So that it can be more energy efficient and achieve comfortable living conditions for its inhabitants.
We look at materials in a different way, where they come from, the energy to process them, how to pull apart and re-use them, in order to avoid the loss of materials. This way a project can be realized with lower costs and less environmental impact.
We value simplicity, thus our Architectural approach is minimalistic in its aesthetics with every element of the building structure being a part of it.

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Creating Architecture that enables humans to live in harmony with nature, to reverse the steep decline of the health of our planet


Using environmentally friendly and climate responsive design strategies to help reduce the negative impact on Earth, while improving the health of human lives

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Meet The Team

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