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Reclaimed Rusticity - An Urban Office


Thilini Builders (Pvt) Ltd


Pelawatta, Sri Lanka

The Office Building visually connects its interior spaces with the exterior.  The deck extending outwards invites the user to a semi-outdoor space. This elevated deck allows vegetation to grow underneath and bring the user closer to the natural environment by providing a relaxing and entertaining gathering space.

Timber was re-used by obtaining it from an existing demolished building. Exposed brick is used in harmony with timber to create a cozy environment for the office staff. Pergolas are used at the front façade to reduce the glare. The bamboo blinds and the vegetation further help reduce the solar gain.

The office building is designed with an open plan form, connecting the interior with the exterior. The office has cubicles for managerial staff, a conference room and washroom facilities. The building has operable fenestration which allows daylight and the ability to naturally ventilate.

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