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Proposed Public Market at Moratuwa

Moratuwa is popular for timber industry, hence the socio cultural background has a greater impact of it. Design concept is to create a simple building which is visually linked from the Old Galle road and the adjoining roads. Open space in front of the food court connects the street to the right side with the market. The street to the left side is connected at the loading/unloading bay, providing service access. Market and other proposed buildings are connected with bridges and courtyards thus this will create a link from the old Galle road to the Bolgoda Lake.

Front part of the building is aligned perpendicular to the Old Galle road. It takes the form of a trapezoid, starting near the main street continued all the way up with a flight of stairs and into the building, inviting the people into the market and focusing them towards it. 

The entrance stairway has stepped seating on both sides in a random order, and the building is approached while respecting the Bo tree. Ramp is built near the Bo tree creating another entrance with a higher perspective. The market is familiarized for the social background of the context.

The front portion of the building holds vegetable and fruit stalls creating the informal environment of a typical Sri Lankan “pola” representing its chaotic nature. It allows a flexible arrangement for the vendors. As this informal nature preserves the spirit of the market place in the existing context, it starts a friendly conversation with the person who approaches the building. Main lobby is visually linked with the upper floor. As you proceed, you enter a central atrium connecting all three floors together. This is a more formal space with food item - retail shops formally arranged around the atrium. 

The single flight staircase invites you to climb up to the first floor where non-food retail shops can be found. Meat, fish stalls and the service core is located in the semi basement floor. The food court is connected with the courtyard and the street. Hence the people who visit the market can end their journey by enjoying a meal.

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