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How to do a Modern Luxury House Design on a Low Budget

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Are you looking to build a modern house with a luxurious design and yet fixed within a budget? This article will help you find how to do that.

When it comes to a luxurious design, to give that luxurious feeling, we have to use luxurious finishes, which is very costly. But if you have a limited budget, we still can do this by being selective on where we use the luxurious finishes.

House Elegante

In this article I’ve selected “House Elegante” as a case study. It’s another design that Pasindu and I did together for a client.

The client wanted a very unique house design that would give the feeling of luxury. Luxury house design becomes challenging when you have to be fixed within a budget.

Following are the key areas that we focused on, when we designed House Elegante and a unique luxury house design and at the same time, staying within a budget.

1. Optimum space planning

The number one aspect that will save you money in your house design is optimum space planning when addressing the requirement.

Optimum space planning means you design the spaces very carefully, always giving the required dimensions but not wasting space. Specifically, circulation spaces like passages, corridors, staircases should not waste space.

In this design, the open plan form was also in the client requirement. It’s the modern way of designing houses, and also it saves space and materials because you’re not including walls for separation.

2. The elevation

The elevation should look unique, beautiful, and elegant. It’s the first impression you get when you approach your house, and the first impression goes a long way.

3. Finishes

We didn’t stick to cut and polish materials at everything. The floor is off white titanium, some walls are plastered and painted in white, while others are finished in rubble. By using two materials for the walls, we wanted to create a unique feeling.

4. Furniture and fixtures

Furniture and fixtures need to be modern and elegant. Specifically, upholstered furniture complements the modern look. These are the furniture with soft covering.

Fixtures like light fittings need to be modern designs.

Small details like window blinds, curtain rods and even the type of plants used in the interior spaces matter when creating an elegant look. Apart from that you can add art works and ornamentation to some extent. However, you always must be mindful that all of them should be in a single theme and complement each other.

The house design takes you along a journey. When you approach, you come across a rubble wall that’s extended outwards as a feature and creating a private garden space in the front yard.

The house is elevated from the ground level to give a grand feeling.

When you enter though the main door, you will see a bonsai tree greeting you at the entry foyer. It belongs to the Zen Garden that continues into the house as you move along.

When you turn right, you will find a sunken living room, which was a special requirement of the client. This added to the distinct character of the house by creating a cozy and confined living space. As you move forward, the indoor zen garden flows along with you.

The living, dining, and the pantry are connected in the open plan form creating a free space. All these spaces are overlooking the outdoor garden from one side and the zen garden from the other side. The dining area extends to an outdoor patio and from there, you can step into the outdoor garden.

The interior feels more spacious with no visible columns to disrupt the free space, as they are carefully hidden within segments of walls.

The double height timber screen at the front façade functions together with the opening above the Zen Garden to provide adequate natural ventilation into the house.

Behind the pantry you will find the guest bedroom with a common bathroom. The kitchen and utility area are separated from living spaces.

The staircase is a single flight that’s along the zen garden.

When you climb up, there’s the family living area. It’s visually connected with the sunken living and the zen garden at downstairs.

The family living room connects you with two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and the study room that opens to the rear garden.

If you would like to watch a walkthrough video of House Elegante, click on the video below!


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