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Proposed Maritime Center at Galle

A Maritime Centre is a place where the human interaction with the ocean is brought back to life. The idea was to design a building which would be a landmark; and at the same time which wouldn’t be seen as massive and disturb the skyline of the heritage city of Galle Fort. The solution for this contradicting requirement was a building that makes the onlooker curious and attracts him in, to discover its wonderful Architecture and artefacts hidden beneath the sea level. 
The Maritime Centre preserves a life size hypothetical ship. Its three masts are visible from a distance making you curious. The Entrance Wing invites you in with thin light stripes and direct you down indicating you are entering below ground with the landscape design. The narrow pathway leads you to a spacious entrance lobby with the view of the ship. The galleries are located within the building, outside the courtyard and within the ship itself. Food court, souvenir shop, and workshops make your visits more entertaining. The spaces within the building and the ship are interconnected with many paths for visitors to explore and create their own journey with each revisit. 

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