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House Elegante


Mrs. Madhuka & Mr. Janith


350 sqm (3762 sqft)


Bokundara, Sri Lanka


LKR 30 Million


12 perches


- Living | Dining | Pantry | Kitchen | Utility

- 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

- Study

- Zen Garden 

- Patio

- 2 Parking

The House Elegante was designed to provide its owners a sense of luxury while using rustic materials for finishes. The idea was to bring a unique luxury house into life that conveys an elegant vibe, and yet without holding on to perfect white, cut and polish materials or surface finishes.


The entry foyer greets the visitor with the view of a single bonsai tree from the Zen garden that continues into the house. As you proceed, the house flows with you, and the Zen garden as well as the single flight staircase. 


The sunken living, dining and pantry are designed in an open plan form while connecting with the indoor garden and outdoor garden on either side. 


The interior feels more spacious with no visible columns as they are carefully hidden within segments of walls.


The double height timber screen at the front façade functions together with the opening above the Zen garden to provide adequate natural ventilation into the house. Timber double skin façade and the green roof terrace area further helps in reducing the solar gain of the building.


Many openings are provided to visually connect the family living room at the upper floor level with the living area at ground floor as well as to obtain natural light from above the indoor garden space.

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